Find Me A Stage, I Have Something To Say — MED

Find Me A Stage, I Have Something to Say —MED
October 8, 2018

Tooth Fairy Equity

It is a rainy dreary day in Northern New Jersey. Nothing really was striking in the news this morning until I viewed the first segment of the Megan Kelly Today Show. The panel was discussing a funny story about how much the Tooth Fairy leaves in their homes. A woman supposedly posed the question on social media. As many in my generation, I received a quarter, I think, it was so long ago.

My daughter received so much more by default. I was brand new as a parent to this ritual when I married my husband and became step mom to his two children. Of course my daughter lost a tooth a night my husband was unreachable as a firefighter. When she lost her tooth it was too late to call anyone including my mom to get a consensus. I was left to question my son who at that point no longer believed there was a Tooth Fairy. I asked him how much his mom would leave under the pillow for him. He responded, “Ten Dollars”. Wow, that seemed very high even considering an inflationary factor. I questioned him again asking him if he was telling the truth. I was impressed that my husband and his first wife had been so generous. So when my son finally went to bed I checked my wallet. I never planned for this so all I had was twenty dollar bills. It was 3 years since my son had had a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Inflationary affects? I decided to put the bill in an envelope wrote a quick note. Writing the note with my right hand to cover my backhanded lefty writing, the Tooth Fairy’s handwriting was very messy. Also drew a quick picture of the Tooth Fairy and the suspect tooth. What the heck, I would only get to do this for the first time once so why not write my own script!!!

My daughter rose the next morning quickly looking under her pillow. My son and I were in the kitchen, my husband still at work. From the bedroom we could hear her squealing. She was happy the Tooth Fairy left her $10. My son went to inspect. He corrected his sister, let her know the Tooth Fairy actually left $20 resulting in more happy squeals. He was not having it. Back in the kitchen I asked him why such anger? Well the truth was he really only ever received $1 per tooth. A $1 I could have provided with coins. My son learned his lesson quickly; it really did not pay to lie!!! My husband was surprised when he found out how much the Tooth Fairy left the prior evening. Hey you leave a step mom alone with no clue what the tradition is she makes her own traditions. My son still rolls his eyes when this story resurfaces and my daughter is all too happy to remember. It is fun to share a good laugh as a family. Let’s see what my daughter will do for her first child who is teething at the moment. My son chose not to be so generous to his own son. It is all good.
Thank you for your time. Hope your smiled for a moment.

The words shared above are my express opinion upon watching the October 8, 2018 morning news shows. My words are meant to raise a level of awareness not malice.