Find Me A Stage, I Have Something To Say

Find Me A Stage, I Have Something to Say —MED
September 27, 2018

My Voting Story

As I watch the senate confirmation hearing this morning I am struck by the age of the confirmation committee members. I am so respectful of aging Americans but the faces I see do not represent me nor did they 36 years ago. I may agree / disagree with their politics but I would prefer a better mix of ages / backgrounds / gender. They are listening and weighing in on a vote that will affect the coming generation perhaps they should have some younger faces: representative of the citizens the future Supreme Court decisions will affect.

We are looking at the same faces of the Dr. Anita Hill / Clarence Thomas hearings only aged. The only way to change the political landscape is to vote. I wanted to share my voting story and encourage others to do the same. Some background before I share. I was raised in an American Irish Catholic Family. Politics were discussed and debated on various occasions. Each election day I would join my parents as they voted although far too young to vote. My first introduction into sharing my political views was a discussion with my Mom. Mom would generally speak with my Dad and they would decide who they would vote for on any given election. When I was in High School my Mom asked who I would vote for in a local election. This started an ongoing dialogue that I have found to be a common sharing of respected opinions. I have cherished this dialogue between the two of us. We have agreed, disagreed but respected each other’s views. What a joy! Someone to share politics in a respected conversation; my Dad does not necessarily share my political views at times. We lock horns respectfully. Now as a parent, I talk to my own children about politics with esteem not negativity. I want to hear what they have to say, thank you Mom for teaching me, I want them to vote for their convictions. I also took them with me to vote as kids. I wanted them to learn my example.

A true confession, I did not register to vote until I graduated from college. Sadly, a fellow student was called to jury duty and the professors would not work with her. It affected her grade. I felt I could not jeopardize my academic standing. This incident was probably boarding on illegal behavior but I was too scared!!! As soon as I graduated, I registered to vote! This right as a citizen I hold dear. Over 11 years of teaching, I encouraged my students to vote. It is their right too. I strongly feel if you do not vote you should not complain. You gave up your right to complain when you made the choice not to vote.
Thank you for your time. Hope your level awareness was raised.

The words shared above are my express opinion upon watching the September 27, 2018 morning news shows. My words are meant to raise a level of awareness not malice.