Find Me A Stage, I Have Something to Say —MED
October 12, 2018

Why Are Illegal Scammers Calling?

I have shared in previous Find Me A Stage, I Have Something To Say — MED essays that I am unemployed. It is a difficult stage in my life that I am working through. In future essays I will explain but for now I am making the best of it as evidenced by my blogging. Each day I sit at my laptop and fire off an essay. The majority of the essays I post to this blog. Once in awhile I just don’t feel it. This week while attempting to compose, our landline rang literally every 5 minutes. Yes, we still have a landline because in rural NJ cell phones are not always reliable.

This now prehistoric communication instrument has become an annoyance. As the granddaughter of a phone installer, I struggle with canceling our landline; the last link to my grandfather’s profession that provided much comfort monetarily to our family. The damn thing just keeps ringing slicing into our peaceful existence. Sadly most calls are just robo calls attempting to sell a listing in a Google Business Directory. Oh the programmers are crafty but I am on to them. Columbia, Elizabeth, Blairstown and Jersey City, New Jersey are not calling us, Google is on the line!!!! Especially Columbia and Elizabeth, we know no one in these NJ towns. The phone rings nonstop from these destinations only to reveal that we are about to lose our listing if we do not confirm. What listing, we have never approved a listing nor do we want one. My spouse has waited patiently to request our number be put on a do not call list. You think diminishing to threats to file a complaint with the police due to harassment or a lawsuit would deter Mr. / Mrs. Google Robot. Not scary enough for this flip robot. I have tried acting shocked that they have reached a secure line and told them the authorities will be contacting them. Laughable, the phone rang minutes later from the same group.

Recently the caller ID started identifying spam callers. As if we could not figure this out as members of the human race. Still Google appearing morning, noon and night in the spam mix. Now we are receiving calls from Illegal spam callers. What? If someone is placing Illegal calls why the heck is my caller ID able to indentify this action? Secondly, if this is an illegal communication does the caller actually think someone is going to respond? Hello, “my name is John XXO and I want to invite you to donate to my fake charity”??? Honestly why is the caller ID doing double time indentifying illegal activity. Where are the authorities? If my home is my sanctuary than why are Google and their Illegal friends repeatedly permitted to interrupt?

Our newest plan of attack, notify all family and friends that our landline is going down and provide everyone with our cell phone numbers. You can just image how this conversation went with the senior members of our family. “What!!! You are not going to have a phone?” No, No, No… we will have a phone but it will just be our cell phones now. “I can’t hear on those things, how am I supposed to call you? Who will answer?” You can call the cell number and I will answer. “This is not going to work and you will not be able to call 911. I watched this on the news. Not a good way to live, you are walking a fine line.” It will work and I have not been able to call 911 from the landline for 25 years, they pass me to the wrong county. “What if 911 transfers me to your county, what will I do then?” They will not pass you to a county an hour away that has nothing to do with stopping my landline service. “Well every time you call on the landline I cannot hear you because there is too much static on the line.” I give up! Change is difficult to accept, sometimes to difficult.

Epic fail, the landline lives and our dinner music continues to be a ringing phone with Mr. / Mrs. Google Robot as a follow up. Google, we surrender!!!! We beg you to please stop calling, we are not interested in your directory although I am sure it is great!!!
Thank you for your time. Hope you smiled for a moment.

The words shared above are my express opinion upon watching the October 12, 2018 morning news shows and my life experiences. My words are meant to raise a level of awareness not malice.

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