Find Me A Stage, I Have Something To Say — MED

Find Me A Stage, I Have Something to Say —MED
September 25, 2018

National Register to Vote Day

With all the morning news shows consumed with the Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings and the United Nations General Assembly Meetings a bonus mention on a local NYC station caught my attention. Today is apparently National Register to Vote Day. This topic should be an hour segment on every news station in my opinion. Voting, as American citizens, is out right!!! We need to vote. One of the reasons our legislatures become career legislatures is because no one bothers to vote. It is so easy, register. Do your research whether online, talking to friends / family, or reading / watching the news. Go and vote in November. If you want your, voice heard than do not sit on the couch and complain, get up and register. There are very few reasonable excuses not to register. I cannot stress enough it is your right!!! I vote!

People are playing armchair quarterback and water cooler commentator but that is not good enough. We as citizens deserve more. Get involved and vote.

Thank you for your time. Hope your level awareness was raised.

The words shared above are my express opinion upon watching the September 25, 2018 morning news shows. My words are meant to raise a level of awareness not malice.

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