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Find Me A Stage, I Have Something to Say
September 19, 2018

Beloved Puppets

The morning news show swirl this morning is again not fixated on the economy or a new North / South Korea Nuclear accord but whether or not two beloved puppets are gay. This news topic has arisen from a comment, a writer for the puppet’s dialogue, shared in an interview. In a world where the temperament has become angry at times, kind, sweet puppets are a news item based on possible bias. Unacceptable! I encouraged my own kids to watch this smart, considerate show. I would now encourage my youngest grandchild to watch and learn.

If the puppets were intended to be friends and / or gay so be it. What everyone is missing is the lesson projected. There is an undercurrent of friendship, warmth and kindness, something we can all learn from. Acceptance of the people we exist among. Sweetly this puppet pair has taught generations to enjoy life and learn. I feel they should not be a news item under a microscope to reveal their supposed sexual orientation. Let our kids enjoy the message of kindness.

I keenly viewed author Bryan Stevenson, Just Mercy, on CBS This Morning speak of “compassionate, caring communities” as “70% of people sent to prison in the USA are parents of minor children”. Mr. Stevenson’s interview was what morning viewers need hear more of; intelligent information. The broadcast discussed a subject affecting children, a cry for our communities to recognize a challenge and find a better way to address it. Thank you CBS and Mr. Stevenson for raising our awareness instead of wasting precious news time on entertainment news. If you have time today, research the number of kids struggling while parents serve their sentences. Raise your awareness.

Thank you for your time. Hope your level awareness was raised.

The words shared above are my express opinion upon watching the September 19, 2018 morning news shows. My words are meant to raise a level of awareness not malice.

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