Find Me A Stage, I Have Something To Say

Find Me A Stage, I Have Something to Say
September 18, 2018

The morning news on the major networks this morning is consumed with Emmy Awards buzz. A pleasant change from the somber news of flooding, assault, trade wars and finger pointing. I confess we only watched the opening of the Awards show. I found the beginning skit to go on too long and somewhat amateurish. There were a few jokes that worked by the MCs but I was bored, we switched stations. FOX network in the NYC area was broadcasting the Lost Manson Tapes. I initially did not want to watch this program and was hoping my husband would keep channel surfing. He did not. I opted to read a book while he watched. The strangest thing, I stopped reading and started watching. It was extraordinary the mental fix this man had over a group of young people. I do not know much about Manson’s background as I was young when the killings happened. I believe my parents kept this story from being discussed in our family for good reason. It was downright ghoulish.

It astonishes me the level of mental health issues that engulfed this group of young people. Starting with the psychosis Manson exhibited. I am not an expert on mental health but this is a blatant example. Were the followers seeking to fill an emotional emptiness in their lives? I was left thinking what gets any person to that point; manipulation, drugs, savage killings, hate. Manson wanted to be famous, when let down in a music career he chose a different route. Regardless of his choices the young people in the tapes especially the 3 young women demonstrating gun and knife usage was frightening, telling. The look in their eyes was extreme. I found myself thinking that our society needs to do better in addressing out mental health issues in real time. So many people need help. Care needs to be immediate when needed. People need to be aware. Some members of society need to be steered to help as young as grade school, the stigma of having a mental illness needs to be lifted. I am curious if Manson showed signs of his illness at a young age or if he broke from reality at a later point? I will research for my own knowledge.

I realize that the Manson Lost Tapes were not morning news but they were news last evening. I needed something of substance to sink my teeth in this morning instead of the fun loving Emmys. Do not get me wrong, I like to be entertained and who doesn’t like to see The Fonz finally get acclaim for a wonderful career? Ooooh the fashions too!!! Throw in the well founded diversity messages and a wedding proposal; you have escape TV viewing at its best.

Thank you for your time. Hope your level awareness was raised.

The words shared above are my express opinion upon watching the September 18, 2018 morning news shows and the FOX network the evening of 9/17/18.

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