The Journey Begins

Be Thankful For Your Struggles For Without Them Your Wouldn’t Have Discovered Your Strengths — Zig Ziglar

This my first post and I hope it raises your level of awareness.  I love watching broadcast news and frequently comment from my lovely couch.   My poor husband patiently listens while I voice my opinions.  Bless him for his patience, willingness to listen and humor.  This as everything I do is for us Clark.  Here goes:

Find Me a Stage, I Have an Opinion
September 17, 2018

I am a woman in her late 50’s, educated and not employable, more about me in my bio to be posted shortly. The past few months I have been watching the morning news shows. A luxury not offered when I was commuting to employment. This morning, I watched with keen interest the broadcasts regarding the alleged sexual assault at the hand of Mr. Kavanaugh. This incident apparently happened many years ago in the heat of youth and alcohol. I listened to the information and fond my mind wondering back to Justice Clarence Thomas hearings for appointment to the Supreme Court. In my opinion, a brave Ms. Anita Hill testified of sexual harassment at the hand of Justice Thomas. We are some 25 years later and here we go again. This is appalling!

I overheard one broadcaster this morning pointing out that Mr. Kavanaugh was so young when the incident in question occurred. This observation led to the questioning of his accountability at a young age. It is also alleged that Mr. Kavanaugh and a friend (supposed witness to the incident) do not remember their behavior. Well if they were reportedly fall down drunk, not right but in youth it does happen, they probably do not remember their actions. So we are left with a she said, he said confrontation. This type of confrontation I feel happened to Ms. Hill.
I give the accuser credit for speaking out. The news feeds this morning also made note that the accuser had waited a long time to come forward, this action was commented and lamented on. This topic brought me to my own work history. I started to work in the mid-seventies. At a time when women felt empowered but were begrudgingly given limited power in the corporate work place. In that era women put up, shut up, cried in ladies rooms across the county and let things fly under the radar. My girlfriends and I wanted to climb the career ladder in a positive light. My #metoo harassment moment occurred long ago while watching Ms. Hill. During that time period there was no one to turn too not even Human Resources. As several of the broadcasters have questioned in light of the current news who would believe you? I worked in a Human Resources Department at one point. I was summoned by the director to his office. When I knocked on the door before entering the director yelled out, “come on in and sit on my lap, tell me what’s the matter”. I quietly backed away and said I would come back later. At the same company a co-worker, senior to me, had his secretary retype a cover of a report with his name as author. I wrote the report, it was my work. Did ask the HR Director why I was being paid less than a male counterpart after receiving my MBA and was told although he does not have an MBA he has 2 years seniority. Really, I achieve and do not receive financial acknowledgement??? I left this company not too soon after that conversation. After repeated offensive behavior you build up an emotional barrier and keep going.

I feel our society has not progressed since the 1970s. I did not even hear one reference to what Ms. Hill went through during the few broadcasts I watched this morning. We are still talking about the inappropriateness of behavior that is swept under the rug. It is not easy for victims to come forward when each word is dissected in the press; they are victimized again and more times than not their truths are brought to question. I feel for the accuser in the Kavanaugh hearings. I also feel for Mr. Kavanaugh’s family this is a hard accusation to render but also to realize. I think we can all agree that this type of behavior needs to stop immediately not continue to manifest into our next generation.

The words shared above are my express opinion upon watching the September 17, 2018 morning news shows.  I am not sharing my opinions out of malice, this is just my take on a major headline.  I hope awareness, sensitivity and kindness are raised.


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